Refrigeration Equipment, Hazardous Foam Insulation and WEEE Recycling by Best Available Technology


  • Waste management companies
  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesalers
  • Local authorities
  • Producer compliance schemes
  • Demolition companies
  • Public and private sector organisations
  • Refrigeration specialists
  • Retail and shop fitters

eSynergy is proud to offer a range of commercial terms for waste producers:

Rebate Tariff
Receive metal rebates against processing charges / gate fees

Capped Rate Contract
Over 500 t.p.a. domestic or commercial refrigeration, we will cap your discount processing rate

Free of Charge (FOC)
Over 2,000 t.p.a. domestic, we do not charge any processing charge / gate fee

Revenue Share Standard
(10% NOP) Over 3,000 t.p.a. domestic refrigeration

Revenue Share Premium
(20% NOP) Over 4,000 t.p.a. domestic refrigeration