Who are we?

We are experts in recycling. Our commitment to the protection of our environment is driven by a desire to innovate. We take great pride in our people and our technologies: continual improvement of our recycling processes and our employee training is at the core of our corporate ethos.

We work tirelessly to cultivate a safe working and living environment for our employees and the public. Our devotion to the cause means we constantly and continuously perfect our routines; improve our practices; and take responsibility for our work, from beginning to end.

What makes us different?

We combine the large-scale shredding and material separation of a metals fragging facility with the high temperature thermal and cryogenic technologies of a specialist hazardous waste treatment plant. This combination provides a safe, compliant and environmentally friendly solution for high volume waste streams. We take the danger out of difficult waste, such as construction panels or commercial refrigeration equipment that contain CFCs (chlorofluorocarbons) and flammable hydrocarbons (pentane).

Our cutting edge technologies provide solutions for some of the most difficult hazardous wastes.

Reaching government targets for collection, treatment and recycling of these wastes relies on the growth of a circular economy. We are proud to be the only UK recycler with the capability to thermally convert non-recyclable residues on site, producing heat and power from the waste.

With unique economies of scale, we are able to provide our service at an exceptionally low cost, and, along with our fleet of dedicated specialist vehicles, position ourselves as the most competitive and convenient service on the market.

When fridges and freezers are transported from a commercial or an industrial source, they must be accompanied by a hazardous waste consignment note.


To be the UK’s leading provider of waste electrical and electronic equipment recycling.


To deliver safe, clean and environmentally responsible waste treatment technology and recycling services for difficult hazardous wastes.