About eSynergy Recycling


eSynergy is an expert waste management company specialising in the treatment and recycling of refrigeration equipment and foam insulation panels.

We collect and treat all types of domestic and commercial fridges and freezers and safely processes foam insulation panels of all kinds – including PIR, PUR, EPS and XPS blown with ODS, potent global warming gases and flammable hydrocarbons such as pentane, all carried out at our BATRRT (Best Available Treatment Recovery and Recycling Techniques) compliant facility.

Refrigeration equipment and foam insulation are classed as hazardous waste: if disposed of illegally, the gases trapped in the foam insulation are released to the atmosphere, threatening the environment. 

Our business works to preserve our natural surroundings, supporting other organisations to ensure that their waste disposal is safe and compliant with national and international regulations

Our innovative technology offers an efficient and environmentally friendly solution for your end-of-life refrigeration and foam insulation.

Material Revenue Sharing Arrangements Available for End-of-Life Fridge Producers



Our industry leading processes and operations keep your business within regulatory requirements

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We’ll collect your difficult hazardous waste and recycle it, saving you the headache


We offer competitive price structures which work with your business model